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October 30th- An Evening at Ginnings Yard....

posted Nov 3, 2014, 3:54 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 4:04 PM ]
Tonight we will spend the evening with Rob Robbins at Ginnings Yard.

Rob Robbins (File Photo)

Ginnings Yard and Ginnings Diesel Facility and Ginnings Diesel Storage.
Ginnings Yard is the northernmost yard complex in the Sue LineShreveport Terminal Complex.
Most trains are send out northbound towards Texarkana and other points North and West.
Some trains are send out southwards through the Shreveport Terminal Complex to
Baton Rouge, Lake Charles or other points south. Operation in the Ginnings Yard
is fairly constant, busy and in a constant state of flux.

Not only is the Ginnings Yard present, but this area is also the home of the
Ginnings Diesel Facility and Ginnings Diesel Storage.These areas are
also in a constant state of flux aslocomotives are refueled, sanded and even given
light or even heavy repairs at this facility.

Let's join Rob Robbins and take a look at:


For those not familiar with my irregular family tree,
My wife's maiden name is Ginnings.

As the evening begins, we see the leased Kansas City Southern (KCS) unit
beginning work at Ginnings Yard.

In this view, we see a pair of Sue Line units moving from the Ginnings Diesel Facility
to the north end of Ginnings Yard.

Here we see another pair of Sue Line units headed to the north end of Ginnings Yard.

As the sun sets, we can see the yard goat working under the highway bridge
and the Sue Line units are on a northbound train
on Track 2 under the same bridge.

Several northbound trains are sitting on
the ready tracks of Ginnings Yard.

The yard goat is pulling cars from the south end of Ginnings Yard.

Two shots at different times and from opposite end of Ginnings Yard
show how dynamic the contents of Ginnings Yard can be.

Here we see the yard goat headed to the north end
of Ginnings Yard with a cut of cars.

Here we see the north end of Ginnings Yard in two shots,
on the left a northbound train is leaving a crowded yard and
on the right the same area is empty later in the session.

As the sessions is nearing the end,
another northbound train leaves Ginnings Yard.


As the session begins, there are quite a number of units to choose from
in the Ginnings Diesel Facility. Those to the left are NOT readily available
of the are having light repairs made, but those to the right are
fueled, sanded and ready to go.

Later in the session, we see that the
Ginnings Diesel Storage is empty except
for the Sperry Rail Car.

Later in the session, we see that once again there are units
in the Ginnings Storage Facility that are ready to go.

As the session draws to a close, even more units
are ready.


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