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October 6th- More Lights for Lake Hamilton

posted Oct 8, 2016, 9:50 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 8, 2016, 10:28 AM ]
Returning to the use of lights in Lake Hamilton, let's take a look at what a difference they make-

Above is a photograph of the Lake Hamilton Paper Company mill building after lighting.

We can see the progression of change as follows-

Above, left we see the paper mill building without lights.
Above, middle we see the light towers added.
Above, right we see the light towers with the lights on.

The real effect is when the room lights are lowered-

Above, left we see the night scene.
Above, right we the the area in a black and white photo.

Sue Line Crew member David Colvin has come up with a concept about lighting which paraallels a concept of scenery in general-

A first layer is interior lighting.
                 A second layer is exterior lighting.
                             A third layer is light posts.
                                         A fourth layer is ambient or overhead lighting.
                                                       A fifth layer is details/animation lighting.

Here we see the pulp building and chemical storage area before (above, left) and after (above, right) the addition of lighting.

Another area can be seen before (above, left) and after (above right). The addition of light is dramatic.

Again the dramatic change in the effect of the scene can be see above in a before lighting (above, left) and after lighting (above, middle) as well as in a black and white photograph (above, right).

As seen above, adding layers of light can make a dramatic change in any layout scene. It is easy to do and cost very little, but what a change it makes.

Thanks to Sue Line Crew member David Colvin for the photographs and work done on improving Lake Hamilton.