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October 8th- The Mainline from North Park to Jeauxville

posted Oct 11, 2015, 6:52 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 22, 2015, 9:29 PM ]
As we leave North Park, we see the Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon (below).

Ferne bridge was constructed by the late Malcolm Vordenbaum, a great friend from Wichita Falls, Texas. The wood pieces were hand cut and the bridge built to honor his late wife, Ferne Vordenbaum. It won first place in the Mid-Continent Region in 1951. It had never been used on a layout until Malcolm Vordenbaum gave it to me fo the Sue Line.

Ferne bridge crosses over Stone Canyon which was named for a street address of good frient and founder of CVP Products, Keith Guiterrez of Dallas, Texas.

The backdrop was supplied and installed by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.

Just south of Ferne bridge is the LA&W manufacturing building (above). This industry is named for the Louisiana, Arkansas and Western railroad or LA&W which is owned by associate Sue Line Crew member Jim McClure. Before retiring, Jim McClure was a public defender and has named is fantastic railroad to reflect his past. The flashing red LED was added by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.

Adjacent to the LA&W manufacturing is the Gaspard Freight Depot (above). This industry is named for associate Sue Line Crew member Greg Gaspard. Greg Gaspard is a captain and flies Gulfstream 4 and Glufstream 550 planes all over the world.

Further south is the Doran Oil and Gas Company or the DOG (above). 
Named for associate Sue Line Crew Doran McQueary.

The LA&W manufracturing, Gaspard Freight Depot and Doran Oil and Gas make of the town of Sherwood. This is also named for a street that Keith Guiterrez lived on in Dallas, Texas.

At the south end of Sherwood, we see the latest in comfort (above) for the Sue Line Crew members.

Continuing south we cross a concrete bridge over Willis creek (above) which was named for 
Sue Line Crew member Jim Willis.

Next we see the Kneipp basquel bridge (above) which cross the mouth of Baffin Bay,
named for yet another street the Keith Guiterrez on Dallas, Texas has lived on.

The bridge is named for Sue Line Crew member and 
Chief of Maintenance- Charles Kneipp.

The LED lighting was done by Sue Line Crew member Dillon Stokes.

Just south of the Kneipp bridge we enter a pine tree forest and the swamp along Baffin Bay (above). 
These areas were done by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.

Next we come to the DeVillbiss Island (above).
This island was named for Sue Line Crew Member Charlie DeVillbiss.

Here we see a close up of the campsite (above) on DeVillbiss Island.

All of this area including the flickering camp fire was done by Sue Line Crew member 
David Colvin.

As we approach the south end of DeVillbiss Island (above),
we see the rock work and water both of which were also done by
Sue Line Crew member David Colvin.

Finally, as we approach Jeauxville, we cross the Crews Tressel 
which was scratch built by long time and co-founder of the 
Sue Line Crew- Mose Crews.