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Sept 22nd- Fall Is Nearly Here

posted Sep 25, 2011, 10:01 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 25, 2011, 11:28 AM ]
After three months of summer heat and 62 days of 100+ temperatures, it was nice to know that Fall starts tomorrow.

With fall in the air, soon the Sue Line team will be back to full strength. Above a piggy back train (Train 7) pulls through Leming.

Danny Garland (above) was back in the ME&T Yard in Shreveport and was running trains with his WiiThrottle.

Rob Robbins (above) was the MOp and kept Maryville, Lake Hamilton and the E-Branch busy.

Mose Crews (above) made easy work of keeping the trains moving in Sue City. Mose was so efficient, he also ran the Shreveport Public Belt in Keithville.

Jim Willis (above, file shot) once again was the master off the Yard at Alexandria.

Paul Harwell (above) is one of the mainline engineers. Here Paul Harwell is switching his train in Robinson.

Another mainline engineer was Rodney Dixon (above). Rodney Dixon is about to switch his cars at Sue City.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) was a third mainline engineer. Here Charlie DeVillbiss is showing how he could make room for a pass at Maryville when both trains we too long. Is that a caboose in his hands? I believe the dispatcher goofed up on this meet.

Ron Brannon, a fourth mainline engineer look happy as he waits in Ft. Barrow for a meet at Maryville.

Lionel Brangham (above, gray shirt) is explaining to Ron Brannon (above, left) and Rob Robbins (above, right) how a meet in Maryville works.

Ken Ellison (above) was a seventh engineer also on the mainline. Here Ken Ellison is using his WiiThrottle and is about to take a train out of Union Street Yard in Shreveport. Ken Ellison also supplied the photos for this session. Many thanks to Ken

A special guest this evening was John Whitehurst (above) John is from Longview, Texas. John read about the SUE LINE In the Cowcatcher Magazine, sent we an e-mails and came to see and run tonight. Welcome to John Whitehurst and please come again.


Rodney Dixon (above, left) at Sue City talk with Danny Garland (above, right) at Shreveport.

Danny Garland (above, left), Ron Brannon (above, center) and Paul Harwell (above, right) are about to get train trains in I-49 Yard in  Blanchard, just north of Shreveport.

Lionel Brangham (above, left), Ron Brannon (above, center) and
Jim Willis (above, right, background) are all working trains in Alexandria Yard.


Marshall and East Texas (ME&T) units work the Trinity Grain complex in Sue City.

The Shattuck- Harwell Intermodal Trucking facility at Shattuck looks busy.

A KCS Coal Drag (Train 900) crosses Great Bridge.

A Pig Train (Train 7) pulls out of Leming towards Robert's Crossing.

North Louisiana Connecting Railroad Association (NoLaCRA) locos are getting ready to leave Shreveport.

B & E Enterprises (Fruit Packers) in Shreveport.

Garland Gun Works in North Park. They may be old, but they still "pack heat".

The Depot in Maryville appears moderately busy.

Can you guess where this is?

A lazy day at the Leming Depot.

Roy C Taylor, my maternal grandfather owned a
grocery out in the country-side.
Could this be it?