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September 10th- Back On Track- South to Pinecrest

posted Sep 12, 2015, 1:55 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 12, 2015, 2:47 PM ]
Previously we were just south of Great Bridge about to go through the wall between the main room and the "new room" which is now over 15 years old.

On the other side of the wall we see an elevated highway (above)
covering the entrance to the main room.

In the far back corner which is rounded, sits Island City (above).

The mainline enters Pinecrest from the north via
Mary Ann Bridge (above, left).
This bridge was made by my good friend, Malcolm Vordenbaum,
a modeler railroader who lived in Wichita Falls, Texas.
It is named after his only child Mary Ann.

A fisherman can be seen in the river (above, left)
while the detail under the bridge which was done by
Sue Line Crew member David Colvin can also be seen (above, right).

The map (above) is again designed and drawn by Sue Line Crew member
Charlie DeVillbiss.

Here, things get a little complicated. Please stay with me.
The industries which we discuss first are actually switched by trains
in North Park, but scenically, they appear to be in Pinecrest.
As was discussed with the Keithville Industrial Park last week,
Industries are often overlapped to increase the illusion of depth.

First we see Dixon Clean-Out (above).
This industry is named for Sue Line Crew member
Rodney Dixon.
Empty cars fromthe industry just to the south are cleaned out
here before being forwarded to other destinations.

The LED lighting was done by Sue Line Crew member Dillon Stokes.

Next door is a portion of the Crew Recycled Auto Parts (above).
Here doors 1 through 5 are served by the Sue Line.
This is named for co-founding member of the Sue Line Crew-
Mose Crews.
As you can see this area is still under construction.

Continuing southward, we see
Another building with door 6 (above).

The third building in the complex (above) is
named Crews Auto Parts for the general public, but is known
by members of the Sue Line Crew as-
Crews Recycled Auto Parts or by the initials- C.R.A.P.

Here we see doors 7 and 8.

The LED lighting was again done by Sue Line Crew member Dillon Stokes.

The last building in the complex (above)
has door 9 for loading and unloading.

The buildings of the Crews Recycled Auto Parts
were painted on the backdrop or constructed by
Scott Wallace, a good friend and modeler from Farmer's Branch,
a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

The clouds and the trees were painted by my wife.

On the east side of Pinecrest we see
DeLaPietra Produce (above).
This is named for Sue Line Crew associate member
Robert DeLaPietra who currently works for the railroads in Chicago, Illinois.

Again we can see that there is still much to be done here.

Also on the east side of Pinecrest is
Mardi Gras Mills (above).
This industry was constructed and painted by
my wonderful wife, Sue.

Next, we move to the west side of PInecrest.
On the north end is Crest Pine Lumber Company.
The office (above, left) and the receiving/shipping dock (above, right)
still need much work.

Moving to the south, we next see Skeeter's Gas Grills (above).
The office (above, left) and the storage building (above, right)
still have much detailing to be done.

This industry was named for my wife's father who worked
of ArkLaGas and was know by his numerous friends as Skeeter.

The last industry on the west side of Pinecrest is
Gator Oil (above).

Between Skeeter's Gas Grills and Gator Oil
are the old (above, left) and the new
(above, center and right) state highways.

This scene was developed by Sue Line Crew member David Colvin
with the help of Dillon Stokes.

The last industry is not served by te railroad and sits between
Pinecrest and North Park. It is the Sherwin Williams Paint Company (above).

Here we see two shows of Pinecrest looking to the south-east.
One is during the day (above, left) and
the other is at dusk (above, right) to
show the effect of the LED lights.

Here we see a daylight (above, left) and a
night time shot (above, right) of
the south end of Pinecrest

A late evening shot of Dixon Clean-Out (above).

A late evening shot of Crews Recycled Auto Parts (above).

A dusk shot of the new state highway (above)
at the south end of Pinecrest.

Again the LED effects were made possible by
David Colvin and Dillon Stokes.

Many, many thanks to both of the
Sue Line Crew members for their gift to the
Sue Line.