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September 12th- A Northbound Freight (Jim Willis) and Train 52 (Paul Harwell)

posted Sep 13, 2013, 8:36 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 13, 2013, 9:40 PM ]
Most of the time you will find Jim Willis working in Ginnings Yard, but tonight Jim Willis was on the mainline with a northbound freight headed to Busy Yard in Shreveport. When we join Jim Willis his train is crossing Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon.

A quick peek behind shows a string of tank cars
at the Texaco Bulk Plant in Dutchman Falls.

Here we seen the northbound freight
as it enters North Park.

The northbound freight is leaving North Park.

Here we see the northbound freight
on the siding in Maryville.

As the northbound freight leaves Sue City,
we catch a glimpse of the local switcher.

The northbound freight is seen between
Sue City and Robinson.

The northbound freight passes the Station at Lone Pine.

The northbound freight was about to leave Robinson.

As the northbound freight leaves Robinson, it
passes by an oil well pumping out black gold.

The northbound freight is passing by Brandon.

The northbound freight crosses under the highway
complex at Union Street Yard.

The northbound freight comes to an end in Busy Yard.


Paul Harwell and Train 52can be seen getting
ready in Riverfront Yard.

Train 52 can be seen leaving Riverfront Yard.

Train 52 approaches Ashby Jct.

Train 52 get a clear signal at Ashby Jct.

Train 52 leaves Ashby Jct.

Train 52 enters Busy Yard.

Train 52 passes a string of covered hoppers.

Train 52 moves past Union Street Yard.

Train 52 get a clear signal at Ferne Jct.

Train 52  get a clear signal between Morgan and Brandon.

Train 52  move by the station at Brandon.

Train 52 passes a local and
moves through Robinson.

Train 52 moves past the station at Sue City.

Train 52  leaves Sue City.

Train 52 pulls into Robert's Crossing.

Train 52
passes under to state highway at RCX.

Train 52 in Leming.

This evenings session was under the control
of Deputy-Chief Dispatcher, David Colvin.


This evening special guests were Curtis Prothro, a neighbor and
yard master for the Union Pacific for 37 years, and
Dr. Mike Greco, D.D.S., a well known dentist.