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September 13th- Rain, rain, rain

posted Sep 16, 2012, 11:26 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 16, 2012, 12:02 PM ]
They say that neither rain, nor sleet, no snow, nor dark of night can stop the Sue Line crew. Well at least they are right about the rain.
After about two inches of rain fell on the Sue Line inside at
Sue City (above), all was dry and the crew was ready to run trains.
Charlie DeVillbiss (above) is working his north bound train
at South Alexandria. He would soon be headed out on the mainline.
Rob Robbins (above) was checking his paperwork
at Maryville befor heading north bound.

Paul Harwell (above) was also busy as a
northbound mainline engineer at Maryville.
Ken Ellison (above) using his WiiThrottle is switching at North Park.
Danny Garland (above, black shirt) is busy as the Shreveport Yard Master.
 Marvin Bennett, Jr. is also using a WiiThrottle to control his train
at Keithville as he operates the Shreveport Public Belt Line.
Upstairs after a long stent downstairs, Richard Kamm (above) is
overseeing operations in Sue City as the Sue City Operator.
Mose Crews (above) is busy as the Maryville Operator.
Jim Willis (above) on his way downstairs
after spending the night working Alexandria Yard.
Dispatcher Tainee, Lionel Brangham (above)
is hard at work in the dispatcher's office.
Overseeing the entire operation was Senior Dispatcher David Colvin.
The streets of Sue City are varied. Here we see an 18-wheeler
leaving Towers-Allen.
On the north end of town a street runs beside the work area of the
new headquarter for the newly formed NoLaCRA.
Another street run over the tracks and beside Davis Mercantile.
Another street winds around to serve Sue City Recycling.
A different set of streets serves National Carloading.
The Sue City switcher approaches one of the many grade crossings in Sue City.