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September 19th- Gotcha! + A Southbound Freight = A Good Night

posted Sep 21, 2013, 8:33 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 21, 2013, 9:27 AM ]
About 2/3 of the way through this session, my son Joseph Kamm, who was visiting for this session, came up to me and indicated that there was a "short" in the other room. He indicated that he had asked other members of the Sue Line crew, but none knew what to do.

Fearing the worst, a went to see what had happened......

only to discover the "short" was an N-scale locomotive which my son will be running on his railroad.
I had been had, but in a very good way.

Station- Robinson

A southbound local has just pulled into Robinson.
Ken Ellison is the engineer, let's climb aboard and enjoy the ride.

As we kick back and enjoy, the southbound
freight does some work in Robinson.

Station- Sue City

The southbound freight has moved on the Sue City.

The southbound freight is about to leave Sue City.

The local switcher at Sue City is about to swing into action.

Before the southbound freight can leave,
a northbound freight arrives.

Station- Leming

The southbound freight pulls into Leming.

Very soon, a northbound paper products train enters the siding at Leming.

Paper products make up a considerable
portion of the traffic on the Sue Line.

Not long after the northbound paper products train,
a northbound freight pulls into the siding at Leming.

The southbound train hold sthe main as the northbound freight passes.

Station- North Park

The southbound freight has just pulled into North Park.

The southbound freight passes the container yard in North Park.

Station- Sherwood

The southbound freight moves through Sherwood.

As the southbound freight leaves Sherwood
(above, background), the local switcher at
Dutchman Falls (above, foreground) can be seen.

The southbound freight appears to have scared a deer.

Station- Jeauxville

The southbound freight has just been given a proceed signal
at the station in Jeauxville.

Station- NoLaCRA Yard

The southbound freight can be seen coming
to the end of this journey in NoLaCRA Yard.

What's Happending at Eastman?

The business looks good at Good Gasahol
(above, front) and Kamm Kemical (above, rear).

It appears that Rummings Supply is also Busy.

Supplies come into Eastman by rail and by truck.

Earle Elevator Company (above, left) and
NoLaCRA Car Repair (above, right)
both appear full of cars.


Two visitors Dillon Stokes (above, red shirt) and
Bruce Dominique (above,black shirt)
are busy switching cars in Maryville.


This edition is dedicated to my wonderful son, Joseph (Joe) Kamm.


Recently, reader questioned the Amtrak service to the Sue Line.

This was taken at the Shreveport Airport-