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September 23rd- Another Good Session

posted Sep 26, 2010, 7:29 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 26, 2010, 8:38 PM ]
Some times things just go right, but when they do, they usually go fast. This was true this week.

Jim Willis started the evening off by bringing the first part of the new storage unit. It will house the charges for the radio headsets, the earpieces and the radio throttles. More about this unit when he brings the rest next week.

Rodney Dixon (above, left), Danny Garland (above center) and Paul Harwell (above, right) helped to unloaded storage units and loaded up paneling to be move off site.

When operations began, Danny Garland (above) once again took control of Shreveport Yard, but tonight he was blasted by several arriving trains. As they say, "No rest for the weary"

Ron Brannon (above, left) starts a train onto the mainline from I-49 Yard, north of Shreveport Yard, while Paul Harwell (above, center) and Rodney Dixon (above, right) discuss operation theory and bug Danny Garland (above, far right, with back to us) near Shreveport Yard.

Charles Kneipp (above, front) (and above, right) works on wiring bugs while Jim Willis (above, back) moves a train from I-49 Yard to Alexandria Yard, where Jim Willis kept the yard flowing smoothly.

Here we see Jim Willis (above) moving another train from I-49 to Alexandria. Jim likes to keep trains moving and states "An empty yard is a happy yard."

Here we see local 112 headed out of Jeauxville, but being stopped at Richardson, just North of Alexandria Yard.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above), once again was on the mainline. Here Charlie is bringing a train into Shreveport Yard.

As noted earlier, Paul Harwell (above) once again took over the duties on the E-branch as to Maryville Operator.

Rodney Dixon(above) appears happy as his train is about  to enter Brandon.

Any who kept trains moving smoothly, why David Colvin (above), who once again assumed the duties as dispatcher. On the left above we seen David Colvin using the new USB camera system in underworld and above right we see him using the same monitor to check on trains in RailOps. David truely multiplexes duties with the best of them.

The Sue LIne team relaxes and discusses future projects after the operating sesssion. Charles Kneipp (above, far left, black shirt), Danny Garland (above, second from left, green hat), Ron Brannon (above, third from left, gray hair), David Colvin (above left, standing), Paul Harwell (above right, black shirt) and Rodney Dixon (above, far right red shirt).

And YES, THE DAMN CHRISTMAS TREE is still up, but now we are early rather than late.



Lillie Kate, four and going on twenty, spend several days with us and each was very special.