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September 26th NOT 27th- And the Fun Goes On....

posted Sep 29, 2013, 7:45 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Oct 1, 2013, 5:04 AM ]
It was another great night for fun and railroading. The Sue Line crew met as usual and it was fun, fun, fun.

ERRATA: It was Rob Robbins NOT Ken Ellison who took the photos and ran Train 127.
I deeply regret this error.

As the night began, Train 127 (above left), a northbound freight was just leaving the yard. Let's join Rob Robbins, NOT Ken Ellison, as he runs Train 127. As the train hits Richardson (above, right), a proceed signal is noted.

Train 127 is just entering Jeauxville.

With no switching, Train 127 leaves Jeauxville.

Train 127, is approaching Sherwood.
A southbound freight can just be seen
in the upper left of the photo.

Train 127,
is entering the lead to Dutchman Falls while

the southbound freight waits for Train 127 to clear.

Train 127, is moving through Dutchman Falls.

Train 127 (above front), is moving through Dutchman Falls
while the southbound freight (above, back track) waits.

As the end of Train 127, (above, foreground)
the southbound  freight gets ready
to move (above, background).

Train 127, leaves Dutchman Falls,
Train 127a local inhabitant appears curious.

TrainTrain 127 approaches Ferne Bridge at Stone Canyon.

Train 127 Train 127 enters Train 127 pulls into the siding at North Park.

Train 127 pulls into Pinecrest.


The new switcher is being given a workout
at The Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

Some of the storage tanks at
The Lake Hamilton Paper Company

Another view of the tanks and pipeworks
at The Lake Hamilton Paper Company.


A look around back of the Diesel Facility.

Traffic at the back of the Diesel Facility.

A shot from over the Diesel Facility.

Ken Ellison takes a rest on the "Cog Railway" after the session.
Many thanks to Rob Robbins, for the photos of tonight's session.
And thanks to Ken Ellison for pointing out my error.
My apologies to both of you.