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September 2nd- Ron Brannon Returns

posted Sep 17, 2010, 12:18 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 17, 2010, 12:50 PM ]
Ron Brannon had spent the hot, hot summer in cool Idaho, but this night he had returned to rejoin the Sue Line crew.

It was a busy, but happy night. Not much work, but a lot of operation. The "trial and error" mainly error phase of placing the radio receivers continued.

Charles Kneipp continued his wiring work, as he replaced yards of "here and there" and "not so good" wiring with good sound work. At least now we know why the layout shorted every time this turnout motor was used.

Paul Harwell was busy all night on the E-Branch with a pair of 45 tonners as his power.

Danny Garland again kept things moving as the Shreveport Yard Master. Danny just loves the yard.

Ken Ellison (above, left) and Rodney Dixon (above, right) kept the Extra Board well manned.

The mainline was also well manned with Mose Crews (above, left), Charlie DeVillbiss (above, center) and Matt Tessier (above, right) at the throttles. Matt, is Coke Zero covered by Rule G?

As usual, David Colvin kept things moving along smoothly as the dispatcher. Not Dave is wearing the "summer issue": Sue Line uniform.


With a 48' by 42' room why do five people wind up standing on top of each other. Only Charlie DeVillbiss (yellow shirt), Charles Kneipp (black shirt-way in back), Danny Garland (back to camera), Ron Brannon (Gray hair), and Ken Ellison (only guy working) can answer this week's question.

After the operation sessions, ther is always a "discussion session" in which the group solves "all the problems of the world".


Why did it take so long to get this posted?---- I lost the password.