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September 5th- Mose Crews and Friends Look at the Sue Line

posted Sep 6, 2013, 8:41 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 6, 2013, 9:20 PM ]
Once again the Sue Line Crew was ready for some fun. Come on along as veteran member Mose Crews and some friends take us on a tour of the Sue Line.

 Train 75 heads northbound out of Maryville.
The motive power is from the DL&B
(green lead unit) and L&NR (blue trailing unit).

Train 75 is pulling into Leming.

Train 75 is on the mainline in Leming.

Train 75 is about to leave Leming.

A southbound freight is waiting on the mainline at Robert's Crossing.

It looks like dispatcher David Colvin
has a "challenger" or "situation" as Train 75
is now also on the mainline at RCX.

The southbound freight holds its ground at RCX.

The southbound freight has crossed
over the diamond with the Colvin Family Lines.

Train 75 has retreated to Leming and the southbound
freight is now moving into Leming.

Train 75 has ducked into the clear at Leming. Most of
the Train 75 was left on the mainline while the engines
took to the spur at James Grain.

The photo crew has remained with the southbound freight.

The southbound freight is pulling through Maryville.

The southbound freight passes out of Maryville.

Here we see the southbound freight at Ft. Barrow (in background)
while the Lake Hamilton Paper Company switcher is busy in
the paper company at Lake Hamilton (in foreground).

The southbound freight runs thru Great Bridge.

The southbound freight enters Pinecrest as
a northbound intermodal train leaves town.

The southbound freight approaches South Sherwood.

A pair of EMD locomoitives pull a coal train into Riverfront Yard.



Things look quiet along the lake front in Sue City.

It also appears quiet in the B & E Fruit Company in Shreveport.

It appears that everyone is "on break" in Robert's Crossing.

Everything is also quiet across the tracks in Robert's Crossing.

Even Elliott, on the E-Branch, is quiet.

The racetrack looks quiet.

Crews Siding also appears quiet,  but at least
the derail (orange flag) has be applied.

Well at last, there is some  activity going on in
front of Ogilvie's Hardware Company, Inc.

A special thanks to Mose Crews as to his friends
for the photos of this evening.