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September 8th- The Weather Turns Cooler, but the Group stays HOT!

posted Sep 11, 2011, 9:30 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 16, 2011, 4:33 AM ]
For the first time in 59 days, the temperature outside was below 100 degrees. The Sue Line Group was having some HOT fun.

Rob Robbins (above) is seen switching cars at Elliott on the E-Branch.
The E-Branch, Maryville and Lake Hamilton were all busy this evening thanks to Rob.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) was the Sue City Operator and kep trains moving the Sue City all night.

Jim Willis (above) kept trains running smoothly all night as the Alexandria Yard Operator.

David Colvin (above) was at the controls in Shreveport and Blanchard as the Sue City Operator.

The mainline was full of traffic, thanks to:

Lionel Brangham (above) is switching cars in Sue City with a pair of Marshal and East Texas (MET) units.

Rodney Dixon (above) is waiting  with his train before entering Sue City.

Danny Garland (above) is seen with his train switching in North Park.

Ken Ellison (above) is shown in a self portrait as Ken Ellison provided the photos for this evening's session. Why was Ken Ellison so busy? Let's take a closer look......

(A Southbound Local)

We pick up Ken Ellison and his train at TRAIN 128 rolls thru Brandon.

The first activity for TRAIN 128 is Robinson. Here see that a cut of three cars has been run around and is headed up the branch to Shattuck (above, left). Two of the cars are spotted at Shattuck Harwell Intermotal Terminal yard (above, center) and the third is left at the Shattuck Harwell Intermodel Terminal Building (above, right).

With work completed in Robinson, TRAIN 128 pulls off the siding at Robinson (above, left) and heads down the mainline towards Sue City (above, right).

TRAIN 128 enters the town of Sue City (above, left) and soon meets a local headed southward, waiting on the east main at Sue City (above, right).

With no work in Sue City, TRAIN 128 is on the way to Robert's Crossing (above, left). Again with no switching, TRAIN 128 is now moving through Robert's Crossing (above, right) after picking up two cars.

Leming, the next station is another story, TRAIN 128 has work at James Grain (above, left) before returning to the mainline and the rest of the train (above, right).

TRAIN 128 is next seen on the mainline at Crews Siding (above, left). It looks like the state is finally fixing the grade crossing just north of Crews Siding.

TRAIN 128 waits for a clear signal before entering Maryville (above, left). With no switching to do, TRAIN 128 has the mainline at Maryville. Could that be an active steam engine on the siding (above, right).

Soon, TRAIN 128 is on the way to Pinecrest (above, left). TRAIN 128 has just crossed Mary Anne Bridge and is about to enter Pinecrest.

Pinecrest is a busy little place (above, left), but with no switching, TRAIN 128 come roaring through without stopping.

TRAIN 128 is just entering North Park (above, left). TRAIN 128 on the mainline in North Park, again with no switching, the locomotive keeps running in Notch 8.

TRAIN 128 crosses Ferne Bridge on the mainline (above, left), passes by Dutchman Falls (above, center) and by Doran Oil and Gas (D.O.G.) in Sherwood (above, right).

TRAIN 128 continues southward, crossing Baffin Bay twice. First over the Bascule Bridge (above, left) and then over a long trussel (above, right).

TRAIN 128, nearing the end of today's journey, passes thru Jeauxville (above, left) and then enters the yard at Alexandria (above, right).

Near the end of the trip, TRAIN 128 has left the cars in Alexandria Yard, spots the caboose on the caboose track (above, left) and then heads to the diesel facility at Alexandria Yard (above, right).

I hope you have enjoyed the story of TRAIN 128. Again thanks to Ken Ellison who provided the photos for this journey.