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January 28th & 30th- end of first month.

posted Jan 28, 2010, 4:32 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 20, 2010, 8:58 PM ]

The Thursday and Saturday sessions were very productive.

On Thursday, Jim Willis replaced the Railcommand Command Station with the EasyDCC command Center. Rob Robins and Jim Willis along with Mose Crews installed a Zone Master in I-49 East Yard and another in I-49 West Yard and Ashby. On Thursday, trains began to run on the Sue Line with EasyDCC.

On  Saturday, the Easy DCC again thanks to Jim Willis, Paul Harwell, Matt and Rodney has reached Shreveport. The Zone Master for the Diesel Facility is operational and the Dueal Zone Master for the rest of the yard should be completed next week. The wiring has been significantly cleaned up.

On Thursday, Ken Ellison completed the wiring at Ashby and we are now ready for signals. Saturday, Ken keep moving and all the switches between Ashby and Stonewall are now under dispatcher control. Ken has also obtained over one hundred of the "scotch" or "saddle" connectors to improve out wiring.

Danny Garland and Paul Harwell completed the rebuilding of the power buses in Shreveport and wiring is ready for EasyDCC down to the Creek Crossover.

The cables are made and the TC-64 decoders are programed and ready for coble completion down to South Morgan.

The CIC boards are being refurbished after the finding of a small defect in the board layout (Oops!). Ken Ellison has taken them home to modify them and then "all will be well with the world."

Charlie DeVilbiss repaired several track sections and Rodney was "everywhere". When anything was needed, Rodney had it or got it.

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