Physical Plant

The Plant Concept for the Sue Line Railroad



For purposes of discussion and ease the following is being utilized by the Sue Line Railroad.


Photo courtsey of Dick Bronson at R-R CirKits.

A plant will be a turnout and its associated functions.

All plants will have the following:

               Power to the turnout motor (tortoise)

               Feedback from the turnout detector device

               Enabling circuit for local control

               Feedback for local control

Some plants will also have:



Plant stand:


Each plant will start with a plant stand. This is a wooded structure constructed of two 1x4’s and a 1x2 as follows:


               A 1x4 8 inches long will be the base.

               A 1x4 12 inches long will be the back.

               A 1x2 3 inches long will be the support.


               Attach base to back and then attach support under base.


A TC-64 will then be attaches to the base.


Power for the TC-64 will be added from 12 v power bus.