Information About Railroad

The Sue Line Railroad Company




Trainmaster:              Richard Kamm                        President & CEO: Sue Kamm


Offices:                       Shreveport, Louisiana 71107


Phone:                        (318) 929- 7365




Car Routing:              RailOp


Control System:         EasyDCC via Radio Throttles (T5000E) and

                                  RailPro by Ring Engineering


Size:                           48 x 42 feet single deck true walk around


Scale:                          HO


Communication:        FRS Radios using channels 10 (mainline) and 13 (yards)


Website:             also on YouTube


Layout:                       Over 10 scale miles of mainline, two major yards and four industrial switching areas. Featured are through trains, locals, and turns. Railroad runs from Shreveport, Louisiana to Alexandria, Louisiana (about 90 miles) with connections to Kansas City on the north and New Orleans via Baton Rouge on the south. All train movements are dispatcher controlled via CTC panel and trackside signals. Radio communication is used for track and time. Train assignments via digital message board. Car routing is done real time via dispatcher (traffic control) using RailOp program.


One-                Dispatcher and Traffic control.

Three-             Yardmasters (Shreveport Yards and Union Street Yard) with Terminal Master (Riverfront)

Four-               Industrial Yards switchers SPB in Keithville, DLB in Maryville, MET in Sue City and D&G in North Park. 

Six -                Mainline engineers


Entry:             Enter through iron gate on left (east) end of house. Follow path across patio and the pass under “To The Trains” sign. Large Brown Barn in Back Yard.