Town Maps

An overview of the NoLaCRA (Sue Line) system is:

We will review the Sue Line by looking at the maps for each city or area. 

All of the maps were designed and drawn by 

Sue Line Crew member Charlie DeVillbiss (above).

We will begin on the north most portion of the area modeled- Ginnings yard.

Remember that on the Sue Line the south is always right and that the north is what is left.

Therefor, the right side of Ginnings yard is the northernmost part of the Sue Line.

Next we enter Riverfront Yard. 

Here there is a terminal master who gives messages to the 

Ginnings Yardmaster and the 

Shreveport Yardmaster.

Between Riverfront Yard and Shreveport is Ashby Junction.

Shreveport has several yard areas- all run by one operator-

LOW Yard


MET Yard

CW Yard and

Union Street Yard.

Across the Creek from Shreveport is Keithville which is operated by the 

Shreveport Public Belt (SPB) Operator.

The mainline continues south to Morgan.

Next we come to Brandon.

The town of Robinson is next.

A branch heads south from Robinson to Shattuck.

The mainline continues south to Sue City.

 Here there is a Sue City Operator (SCO).

Continuing southward, we arrive at Robert's Crossing.

Next we arrive in Leming.

The next stop is Crews Siding.

Next we see Maryville.

Here there is a Maryville Operator (MOP).

who runs Maryville, the E- Branch and Lake Hamilton Paper.

To the north of Maryville is the E-Branch.

The first town is Eagleton.

The E-Branch continues to Eastman

and terminates at Elliott.

To the south of Maryville is

Lake Hamilton.

The maianline continues south from Maryville to 

Ft. Barrow.

Next we arrive in Pinecrest.

Just south of Pinecrest is North Park.

Next, the mainline continues southward to Sherwood.

The mainline by-passes the town of Dutchman Falls.

Next we enter Jeauxville.

South from Jeauxville we enter Richardson where the 

mainline continues southward to NoLaCRA Yard.

Northbound trains enter Richardson from

Crew Change Yard.

Our journey ends In Crew Change Yard and Joint Yard.

These physically are the south end (the left side) of Ginnings Yard.